Co-director Wekesa  Madzimoyo
AYA Students to Cuba
Under the direction of (Mama Davis) Dr. Dannielle Davis, AYA Educational Institute students  - Our first ABEN Internation scholars - answered the calls for papers with their academic work for AYA’s Family-Lore Project (FLP).  Their scholarship was accepted.  With your help, they’ll present it internationally! We need your help to raise the funds to send 10 AYA school students to  Cuba and experience of their lives!
AYAED.COM/CUBA AYAED.COM/CUBA Please donate to help them present  their academic work @ the  43 Carribean Studies Assoc.  Conference in havana, cuba June 4-8, 2018 Help These ABEN International Scholars Learn more &  Please Donate to  our goFundMe page.